How to Make Rich Tiramisu Cake

Legend states that a madam in an Italian … [Continue Reading]


Breakfast Casserole

They say breakfast is the most important meal … [Continue Reading]


Wicks Family Coffee Cake

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Favorite Recipes You Can Make in the Microwave

Are you a little short on time for cooking dinner (or dessert) this evening? Or are you just too tired to cook? Don’t worry – that doesn’t mean you can’t cook and eat a delicious meal. If you have a few basic ingredients and a microwave, you’re all set. You can cook dinner in a […]

chocolate cheesecake

What you need to know about cheesecake

Whenever you think about a cheesecake, an image of a sweet, wholesome dessert springs in front of your eyes. But very few people are aware that a cheesecake can be savory too. In such a case, it is served along with crackers in the form of an appetizer. Thus, a cheesecake is much more that […]


Easy Cheesy Chimichanga!

I’ve experimented around enough with Mexican style foods to come up with my own variation of a Chimichanga. This one is just lighter on the stomach so it doesn’t feel like you’ve eaten a lead-filled brick. So if you would like to make this delectable dish, you will need…


Hearty Beef and Bean Chili

Hearty Beef and Bean Chili by Andrea Gordon   February is that month between the dead of winter and the start of beach body dieting season. It’s cold enough for us to be craving the rich, hearty meals of winter while we’re also beginning to punish ourselves for eating calories we know we’ll regret in […]


Easy Chicken Soft Tacos

I have a recipe for a very easy, fairly inexpensive dinner, which most fussy eaters will even like!  My ex-husband was stationed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where our daughter was born and on the best days of living there, the commissary was empty or close to empty from most things people would count as a […]